MARKETING: The New Documentary For Book Sales
By: Dr. L. R. Lofton, Psychologist

In 2006, I attended a filled to capacity one day seminar on the Future of Publishing. The electronic book reader, now known as the Amazon Kindle along with other manufactures, was the latest and greatest in the future of how those in publishing viewed options to increase book sales and even increased readership for daily newspapers and magazines.

Since then, there have been several revisions and improvements to the Kindle technology, and book sales have found a new platform to market books.
The main objective being to increase book sales and solicit new customers. The Video. Really? Is this the new creative marketing outlet? Well it would seem so.
  • Increase Book Sales
  • Get New Customers

If you remember the launch of the 1st exciting MTV Music Videos, it would seem a “re-invent” of sorts is occurring in the Book Publishing Marketing industry. It is called “The Book Trailer.”

What is it?
A Book Trailer is a Documentary Style Video used to market a book. It also has effective marketing uses to promote a new Seminar Event, Training Program idea, or to Self Promote a Product & Service. There have always been commercials on television to advertise new products including books, yet the Book Trailer is uniquely different if produced and executed correctly. Read More: Get the rest of the article on Creative Publishing

Book Trailer Example

More Examples

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gYEjgZHdUOxI%5D

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