To Maintain Passion and Chemistry

SOLUTION: Remain Amenable In Difficult times

By Dr. L. R. Lofton, Psychologist

It is fun to remember, “First dates.” The ones that went well. Feelings of excitement and anticipation fill our emotional memories when we think of early encounters with a love interest.

The Romantic Pursuit is an early phase in a Relationship where each partner willingly exerts enormous amounts of energy, almost effortlessly, to pursue and influence the object of their desire. No obstacle is too great. Partners in an early stage of dating may even go to great lengths to discover what the other may like and provide it just as a gesture to show, and to communicate clearly, that they care.

This is important as people in general are usually attracted to people who welcome them in and are willing to communicate it either verbally or through kind and considerate gestures.

After a person is in an Intimate Quality Relationship, and has made the Decision to Commit, this is where the true work begins. Therefore, after the Romantic Pursuit, and all intimate aspects of your partner have become known, possessing a deep friendship for one another, displaying mutual respect, and admiration for your partner, are important qualities to have in the relationship. Mutual respect in Relationships is necessary to maintain passion and chemistry.

All Relationships Have Conflict

All relationships have conflict and it would be suspect if people never admit to having them.

The question then becomes what will you do to take responsibility when conflicts do surface in the relationship? In times of conflict when arguments titer towards negativity; perhaps even in times where some make a conscious decision to display sadistic behavior in retaliation, can we give ourselves permission to be respectful towards our partner despite disagreements.

Addressing conflicts honestly and resolving them in a mature manner does take skill and above all mutual respect therefore fostering this before conflicts surface, will improve ones ability to remain amenable in difficult times.

Relationship Maintenance Strategies: Mutual Admiration

  • SOLUTION: Remain Amenable In Difficult Times
  • Express verbally what specific quality your partner has that you admire
  • Make a mental list of those qualities you appreciated most about them while dating and share one off the list with them.
  • Pay Compliments
  • Spend Time Together
  • Initiate Intimate Encounters
  • Show Affection
  • Demonstrate Empathy
  • Express Creativity in Relationship to keep it new, interesting, and inviting


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