The importance of Spontaneity in Relationships Part I:

Romance, romance, romance, romance. Sometimes there is not enough of it in our daily lives with our mate, and then other times we feel so content it can be a bit overwhelming to receive such gifts from our loving partners.

In this posting I wanted to share a well known fact about pre-planning for romance. Sure, we all know it takes work to keep relationships new and exciting but, what exactly are we to do? 

I happen to watch a video linked here that may prove to be the answer, or may prove helpful as a remainder to get creative and focused on generating ideas to inject some spontaneity in your relationship.

Renew Interest And Creativity In Relationships

Yes it is a bad economy, but that does not have to mean your relationships have to suffer too along with your financial statement.

Watch the video below to get a great deal on summer cruises. Cost savings on cruises that are available now can also be purchased for a later date. Why not pre-plan for Valentines Day 2010 and get a great value to boot on a romantic cruise!

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