First, let us just be honest and say change is not easy. If change were an effortless endeavor, more people would be doing it with significant frequency, and also report being happy about the process. The concept of change is complex, but we all must face a period during our lifetime when change is needed, or we are involved with other’s who can benefit from making significant lifestyle changes to improve the quality of their lives.

Then, there are times we face a forced change beyond our control. What happens then? Like when a partner asks for a divorce, unexpected changes in employment status or security, unexpected changes which force an adjustment we feel unprepared, but we must change and adapt to new challenges we face.

Change is inevitable growth is optional

Sometimes, change is welcomed because it improves a life predicament, or change is welcomed because our intimate relationships improve when we take initiative to spice things up a bit and take actions to change established routines for the sake of an all-important concept called romance.

Often it is as simple as committing to a personal attitude towards change and accepting new self-talk (e.g., If only I change) instead of expecting the other person to change first. It is easier to make changes in one’s self rather than expecting others to appease us. This necessary shift in perspective will take a tremendous amount of courage to pull off, but is surprisingly easy to execute if we decide in advance to live up to our full potential and take steps necessary to see a personal goal to completion.