How To Reduce Relationship Conflict Series

By Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD

When there is conflict in the relationship, does it seem like your playing an adult version of Tug of War? In our youth, the game of Tug of War is fun. A game which allows the other team to drag the opposing team through the mud. To win, one side must pull as hard and aggressively as they can against the other side in a collective pull on the robe when the opposing team least expects it. As the mud splashes about, victory is achieved and the crowd roars!

Within the hour all hurt feelings are forgotten and life goes on in a most innocent way where the only goal is to folic about in a intoxicating pleasurable lure of childhood. In adulthood however, after there is intense conflict, often all is not forgotten [if] we are overly aggressive or manipulative in gaining our way.
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