How To Apply Them To Reduce Relationship Conflicts
Relationship Lists summarize complicated information down to a sound bite. Gender specific “secrets” men and woman keep catch our attention because we hope to learn something new about the opposite sex.

By Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD

In reading Relationship Lists we hope to find some kernel of information, familiar, to explain why encounters with the opposite sex can be so challenging at times. More importantly, we harbor hope of finding new information regarding the intricate details which make up the ever elusive complexity of relationships, Self Help, and even reassurance we are doing things right in our existing relationship.

Many lists with titles “The Secrets Men Keep” or “ 9 Secrets Woman will never tell you, but wish you knew” never lose their ability to be recycled, and we are drawn to them. We tell ourselves “I am a rational person and knows how the opposite sex functions” but still we suspect there maybe a bit of secrecy left hidden about the opposite sex these lists can shed light on updated for a modern society.

If really nothing has changed about the opposite sex over the decades, have you ever wondered why there is a need for so many recycled Relationship Lists?

Early magazines originated in the 1700‘s and resembled small books with no illustration; small fonts, and densely packed content mocking the establishment of the time in England.
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