Are all the good men left as compassionate as we hope? Yes. The topic of a compassionate male is rarely discussed. Nor, is it something we frequently read about in the media, or see featured on the big screen, with exception of Lifetime and Hallmark Channel weekend marathon movies.

By Dr. Lawana Rene’ Lofton, PsyD

Most Romantic Comedies’ leading male roles feature a assertive, yet sensitive, humorous, approachable, charismatic male, often depicted as more than willing to risk either pride, or humility when called for to obtain the object of their desire.

The drama unfolds however in the preceding moments when the male character struggles with conflicts, and to question if he really wants to compromise “something” before he actually decides to compromise pride, or humility to go after the gorgeous side kick making things more complicated than need be. This is only part of the story though if we are viewing Romantic Comedies to learn a bit about how relationships actually work in real life long after the last credits have ended.

The hard part about intimate relationships begin where the romantic comedy movies end.
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