Participating in a intimate relationship can bring out the best in us. They can also trigger extremes in our emotions felt ranging from overwhelming feelings of elation to anger which makes a person act in irrational ways. When others observe a individual feeling content beyond belief most are so happy for them, however if it is anger or sadistic feelings expressed, there could be criminal consequences.

By Dr. Lawana Rene’ Lofton, PsyD

According to Los Angeles Associated Press reporting, Johanna Woolfolk, age 50, of Lynwood, California, On December 20, 2011, was charged by FBI federal prosecutors for providing false and misleading information to AirTran Airways.

On Nov 27th, 2011, Johanna Woolfolk, allegedly told airline representatives her husband was carrying a bomb and boarding a flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for Atlanta.

The FBI reported Johanna Woolfolk believes her spouse of 30-years is having an affair and she was attempting to stop him from meeting his mistress in Atlanta.

Defense Attorney Gordon Turner released a statement his client, Johnna Woolfolk, has admitted in court and to FBI agents that she made the telephone threat, acknowledges fault, and that she “now realizes it was wrong.”
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