From a Mental Health prospective as we learn about the Cruise Ship Costa Concordia running aground in Porto Santo Stefano, Italy, what if any, lasting impact this may have on the passengers.By Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD

On Friday, January 13, 2012, Cruise Ship Costa Concordia, sailing in shallow waters off the coast of Tuscany, Porto Santo Stefano, Italy, ran aground. Reportedly, Captain Francesco Schettino, has been arrested for manslaughter, abandoning ship, and is expected to contribute to an investigation to discover what occurred on board.

The ship hit a submerged rock, causing a 160-foot cut to its hull allowing a rapid rush of water to enter the ship. The ship then navigated off course to initiate an eventual evacuation procedure, but then unexpectedly ran aground on a tiny island of Giglio near the coast of Tuscany. Because of this many of the life boats could not be launched.

The dramatic photographs released by morning, Saturday, January 14th, show a luxury liner off Giglio’s coast partially submerged, and resting on its side.
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