Laura Dekker, departed Dutch harbor of Den Osse, for St Maarten harbor, in the Caribbean.  From there on  January 20, 2011, she commenced her attempt to solo circumnavigate the globe.

She successfully arrived one year later, age 16, at St Maarten harbor, in the Caribbean.   She sailed on a 11.5m (38ft) Ketch sailboat named Guppy.  Read Article

According to Fox News reporting Jan 21st, 2012, the sailor is estimated to have traveled 27,000 nautical miles with stops to include the Canary Islands, Panama, Galapagos Islands, Tonga, Fiji,  Bora Bora, Australia, South Africa, and finally her last stop, St. Maarten, from which she originally departed from on January 20, 2011.

a’Donf to you Laura Dekker for your 2012 Hercules Effort!

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