Losing Credibility. A new video in the Dunwoody Day Care Murder Trail may disprove defendant Hemy Neuman’s claim auditory hallucinations commanded him to harm Rusty Sneiderman.
By Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD –

Reportedly, Hemy Neuman was having an affair with Rusty Sneiderman’s spouse, and then “voices” of Barry White and Olivia Newton John instructed him to harm Rusty Sneiderman by using a fire arm to shot him four times at close range. Neuman added “Angels’ and “Demons” were also significant influencers prompting him to carry out such a crime.

Hemy is now on the record describing in elaborate detail all his previously planned scenarios he would execute to harm Sneiderman, yet there was always a glitch of some sort to foil the plan. As with any crime, elaborate planning suggest premeditation.

PREMEDIATATION: contemplation of intended crime: the act of thinking about and planning a crime beforehand, rather than acting on impulse in a moment of passion or mindlessness.

When one begins to analyze the level of ones planning sophistication used, the question then becomes; Was the defendant insane at the time of the crime? At this point in the trail it would seem testimony suggests Neuman’s reported Mental Health symptoms are inconsistent with someone suffering from a psychotic process; insanity at the time the crime was committed. A second question in need if further discussion is Neuman’s Mental Health History; Is there a history of Mental Illness?

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