By Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD –

Polling survey results published by Men’s Health Magazine report the percentage of woman who have cheated on a partner is 58%. The number one reason given why is due to boredom felt in the relationship.

Why these estimates are important is if we have information on specific causes such as being bored, we can be proactive in our intimate relationships to reduce negative consequences. Furthermore, even in relationships with high levels of interest and excitement, relationships fail. So what is the answer? What would you be willing to do to ensure more spontaneity in your relationship?

Relationships are complicated so we can never just assume its reason for failure is this-or-that. Relationships are not that simple. They are multi faceted.

The Top Three Reasons an average woman would have an affair include the following based on Men’s Health [The Girl Next Door] poll results:

1. She is bored.

2. She does not love her partner anymore.

3. She is feeling insecure.

Four out of 9 polled would not confess to their partner they are having an affair.

27% Cheated due to alcohol intoxication.

18% Disclosed they were caught having an affair.

 67% Disclosed they were dating a Married Man.

52% Disclosed they are fearful, paranoid their partner was cheating on them.

Poll results do not provide the sample size of total responders who took the poll, age range, and over what timeframe the results were captured. Nor does it disclose the methodology of how results were captured (e.g., Poll was only on one website, or placed on multiple other online websites with responders having varying interests, and relationship status).

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