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By Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD –

First, the most important thing in finding a Psychologist, or Masters Level Therapist to provide Couples Therapy is the couples’ ability to establish rapport with their prospective therapist.

Obviously, the only way to determine this is to be physically in the office having a discussion and evaluation concerning what is prompting the need for treatment now with the therapist.

Second, make sure the Psychologist or Masters Level Therapist has expertise in executing Couples Therapy, and do give yourself permission to ask any questions, which you feel, are important. For example, you may wish to ask your perspective therapist questions to include:

What is your therapy approach?

What is your Philosophy to treatment?

What can we expect from treatment?

How long have you been in practice?

What percent of your practice is focused on treating couples?

Do you accept Insurance?

What are your credentials?

Lastly, consider the therapist’s availability in terms of scheduling day, evening, weekend appointments, and location of office / distance to commute.

Researching and selecting a Couples Therapist can be a subjective process, time consuming, and frequently viewed as a frustrating process, yet giving a matter as important as this the time and attention it deserves from the beginning will prove vital long term.

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