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Quick update on the survey.

5,053 have participated in the survey.

Soon the survey will be closing to analyze the raw data, and to distribute the survey results.

Please contribute to it while survey is still available online.  The more people participate the better because its best to have a large sample size.  You’ll notice below the current response distribution chart of those represented in the survey.  9% are international respondents.

It is quick and easy with only 5-minutes or less to complete.


Thank you to all who have already participated.  Your contribution is invaluable.

If you have not participated yet, yes it’s personal but not too personal and easy to complete.  You’ll see – it’s harmless.  Of course completely anonymous.

If you choose to share it with a friend, spouse, or partner, it can also be fun to complete the survey then have a discussion with them about the preferences you selected.

Either way you learn something about yourself by completing the Quality of Life Preferences Survey.

This Survey is part of a project to make the concepts of psychology accessible so anything you can do to contribute now is very much appreciated.

Quality of Life Preferences - Lofton Consulting Dr Lawana R Lofton PsyD Survey Response Distribution Chart


List of States
CA 41.82%
Unknown (US) 29.09%
MN 5.45%
AZ 1.82%
VA 1.82%
MD 1.82%
MI 1.82%
IN 1.82%
TX 1.82%
TN 1.82%
FL 1.82%
Outside US / Unknown 9.09%
Total 100.00%


Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD SeminarComplete the  Quality of Life Preferences Survey here:    SURVEY 


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