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 Day 1 | 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting with Dr. Lawana R. Lofton Muses Sarcophagus

Implementing a personal goal setting plan is an organized way of achieving either short-term or long-term goals, whether it’s for career goals, relationship goals, finances, or personal passions that interest you.  A goal setting plan can be used for anything at all really, and one’s personal goals are as unique as the individuals who set them.


Goal Setting skills are vital to just about anything and everything you want to accomplish.  Obtaining the necessary “skills” provide for a measured strategy needed in order to go about completing them.  I will add these skills are especially recommended for those projects you may find yourself asking repeatedly over time “Why haven’t I done this yet?”  Or, question this project is too big, “how will I ever get it done?”


Taking a methodical approach to committing a personal goal to paper and having a clear strategic plan of how to obtain it, is what we will do together over the next seven days in a virtual exercise.


Hope you will join me, and others, by sharing your goals to let others know what you’re up to for support.


At the end of each daily blog post for 7-Days, feel free to comment to gain support and gain positive feedback for motivation.    Over 7-days we’ll focus on a Goal Setting Form and a daily topic to reflect upon; comment, and discuss.

Your time zone will not be an obstacle because it’s virtual so you can check-in and comment anytime on the blog postings, or on Twitter using Hash Tag  #7DayChallenge.

Maybe along the way in your brainstorming you’ll find the motivation to pursue a new passion, or set new targeted goals to improve upon what you are already pursuing to gain results for once and for all.



What are the benefits?

1.  Helps identify what specific results you are committed to achieving.  Helps identify what results you are pursuing.

2  Helps you get clear about why you do what you do.  Define your purpose.  Obtaining the Why will foster you to follow through.  Reasons come first, and then answers come second.

3.  Completing the 7-Day Challenge along with completing and Goal Setting Form daily helps you streamline a plan that will inspire you to take specific actions towards the goals and projects you state are important to you.


Instructions:        How to Complete the 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting Form

  1.  Find time in your day when distractions are at a minimum.  Decide, then complete the form every day for seven (7) days at the same time of day.  You can give yourself permission to continue past seven days, but it is important to commit to implementing this new positive habit daily.  For now, at least for seven consecutive days.

2.  Complete all three boxes on the form; Goal, Purpose, and Action.  Print seven copies, or simply copy and paste your template into a word processing document and update it daily then save each day’s edits with its own unique saved date.  Once form is completed each day, you will enter at the bottom of form a date and action to be taken for that given date.

When you complete the form find one compelling idea to take action on immediately before diverting your attention to other mundane matters of the day.

Mundane matters are Low Level Thinking activities focused on other obligations, sources of stress, or activities of daily living that do not apply to the current goal you want to achieve, nor inspire you to becoming fulfilled as an individual.

Keep in mind this time of day you’ve chosen is devoted to you completing the form.  It is solely for Personal Goal Setting and action driven tasks you decide on.

No more procrastinating!


  1. Keep an open mind and give yourself permission to be creative, introspective, and have a willingness to implement the goals you set.



7-Day Challenge Goal Setting  Form

[FORM in Pdf ]   Here’s the 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting Form

7-Day Challenge Goal Setting Form


Share this form with others if you know anyone else who would also benefit from this 7-Day Challenge on Goal Setting.


3 Key Points

 1.  Goal Setting is easy.

2.  The hard part is the work and personal discipline it will take to reach personal goals to completion.

3.  Skill Sets Required:  Specificity, Implementation, Monitoring.

Always remember making incremental successes towards goals you set are important.  All successes are a learning curve.


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