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Day 3 | 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting with Dr. Lawana R. Lofton Japan Open Ocean Dome

Specificity occurs when we are more precise.  For example we can state:

Go for a swim.

Go for a swim within the safe confinement a pool provides, or open ocean?

Each have their advantages.  Each option available will be chosen based on one’s personal preferences, and knowing what you want gets you to your destination quicker.  You’ll either take the quickest route to the pool or shortest access road to the beach leading to open ocean waters you seek.   Once you know, there’s no need to circle around and waste time when you could be swimming.

No matter what you choose, each will pose a learning curve as to how you naturally respond.


Here, or there?   Now or later?

By  Day 2 and 3  of completing your 7-Day Challenge Form,  you’ll notice it becomes automatic to want to refine and add more clarity, increasingly become more specific in outlining how you plan to address the goal you listed on the sheet for Day 1.

Even add more goals to work on.  Go ahead!  Just do this on a brand new Day 1 sheet.

This is viewed as a positive because it means you are thinking more about your goal and the more thought you give to it the more insight you can produce for yourself.

If you find you wish to add a completely NEW  unrelated goal, add it to another sheet labeled Day 1.  For now, let’s focus on just one goal for the 7-Day Challenge so you can make significant progress from beginning to end of the 7th Day to experience how the process flows.

After this, feel free to  duplicate this process over and over on many personal and professional goals you may have.  Plus, staying focused for 7 Days on one goal combats the natural desire some may have “staying focused”  or the tendency to scatter about and  procrastinate.

That’s part of the process as well.

Stay the course and stay focused to see results on something specific.  Bit-by-bit.

Once you can do it for one thing, juggling many things at the same time with the same focus and time commitment devoted to each, will seem effortless.


Many years ago I had many goals going at the same time.  Now is no different.  Some short-term, and some long-term goals each with a prioritized ranking system I have based largely on time commitments.  Those that were short-term, I devoted more time to them first and with more intensity.  Those that were long-term I made sure I addressed them bit-by-bit too daily with the same level of intensity, but the shorter ones came 1st to make sure I accomplished them soon leaving me more time in the day to devote to the long-term goals that take more time, over many more days, to see them completed.

Eventually those long-term goals were successful too.

I believe, and will always believe, the personal and professional goals we set for ourselves are absolutely achievable if we first define what it would look like when achieved and set a specific plan to obtain them.

We just need to start and use some specificity.


The best goals can be hap-hazard at initial goal statement, then refined over time.  Then, once a plan for their execution is clear, success is more likely.

[FORM in Pdf ]   Here’s the 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting Form

Instructions:        How to Complete the 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting Form


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