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Procrastination Day 6 | 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting with Dr. Lawana R. LoftonWho’s got an opinion about meeting deadlines?

Deadlines can make marvelous rhythmic whooshing sounds as they pass by when not met.

This picture has a powerful symbolism for what we may neglect.  The days that pass,  and time wasted being unproductive.   They pass by so quickly when we procrastinate.


The days can accumulate so quickly, month-after-month, unless we attend to them daily to make them the best they can be.

When priorities are set properly, they can propel us into action.  Deadlines can either be a strategic trigger for most to snap into action and meet timely deadlines, or they can be a source of great concern and worry.  Even insurmountable sources of stress for delaying action.


Procrastination Day 6 | 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting with Dr. Lawana R. Lofton Cartoon


What is it that makes some procrastinate?   

Can we just say it is a matter of learning style, character, or one’s level of personal discipline?

Quite clearly this matter is more complex.

Procrastination sets in because perhaps it is not what you really want to do.  Despite of this many will solider through and do the task anyway for many reasons.  Maybe there are external needs to do so, but they are not intrinsic; those internal needs that will spark excitement and motivation needed to see the task to completion.  Or, some just decide in advance to resign and give up.

Industrial / Organizational  Psychologists have had a long history of conducting research in support of Employer Human Resource Departments who scramble to uncover the elusive answer to a timeless question that is  “How to motivate workers to be more productive?”

Industrial / Organizational  Psychologist who typically take the lead on matters such as this often quote well known research that employees are more apt to complete projects they are not so excited about if given the option to do so at home rather than in the office.  Perhaps it relinquishes some control from the manager making the request, while allowing the employee completing the project to have a resemblance of control over their tasks.

Whether you work for an employer, are self-employed, or are working on a personal project for yourself, what is most important is to look within and continue to question what motivates you to be more productive when you have deadlines.

In Day 4 of this challenge, we had an article on Motivation.

So, I’ll pose this question:  Can individuals motivate themselves and be self-driven, or do you believe individuals require constant nudging to achieve what they are most passionate about?

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