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Life by Design Day 7 | 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting with Dr. Lawana R. Lofton; Piscina


Everyone Wins At The Basics

Someone should tell us from the start we have only a limited time in which to live.   Not only that life is short, but that our time is extremely limited in which to construct a quality life we most desire.  One in which you desire it to be, complete, fulfilling, and meaningful for the individual.

In life, there is one race no one loses.  Everyone will win at the basics and reach the final stages in the game of life.  This is certain.  Ultimately, it is just a matter of time we all reach our demise, and then it becomes a question of how well we lived as we would have liked.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to contemplate this dilemma, you will.

It is not my desire to be morbid, but it’s true.  Sometimes we just chug along without a reality check when things are going well.  It’s better to be vigilant.

It’s best to get going on your big plans early.  { Another lesson learned }


Barbara Sher on PBS When you play it too safe, you're taking the biggest risk of your life. Time is the only wealth we're given. Day 7 | 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting with Dr. Lawana R. Lofton“Live the Life you Love.”  —  Barbara Sher





Life by Design

It’s okay to give yourself permission to contemplate what you’d like to accomplish in the near future.  Even ponder the level of self-confidence it will take to tackle a passionate goal you wish to achieve.  Then, decide in advance what specific plans are needed to make it a reality in each and every day going forward.

Develop a comprehensive plan, and then share your strategy with others.   Implement it.  Evaluate your results, and then revisit the strategy and fine tune it along the way.  Not just once, but continue to evaluate your successes and obstacles in order to really make your life the one you desire by design.

The greatest failure of most people is that they fail at the execution and implementation phase of their life goals.  Look at any basic business model and the evidence will prove that many fail in their ability to be successful in their implementation of goals.  They fail not because they lack a clear vision, or a sound business plan, but they fail because they lack the necessary skills of implementation and sustainability overtime.  Make the necessary decisions whether or not to make adjustments along the way, after implementation.  The true test and measure of one’s success is in one’s ability to successfully develop a winning idea, develop a plan, implement a strategy, launch the product, then re-evaluate repeatedly over and over again what is working and identify obstacles.  A successful businessperson will make necessary corrections as needed and stay the course no matter what it takes.  This personal failure of most is not a matter of limited vision, it’s often motivation reserves and a question of tenacity.

Tenacity takes both a clear conviction to the vision and character to give themselves permission to continuously pursue it even if there are setbacks.   Just at the breaking point where most would give up at mounting demands, those with a strong character and sense of conviction will always stay the course despite minor setbacks.

In Day 4 on motivation of this challenge we discussed some “lessons learned” when I learned something new.

“Making incremental successes is the learning curve journey few have patience for, but is the most important lesson.”



Thank you

Thank you one and all for participating in this 7-Day Goal Setting Challenge.

For seven days we reviewed topics on:

Day 1:   Described the Goal Setting challenge in Day 1 and suggested a form to use to help with strategy and monitoring of personal or professional goals.

Day 2:   Background and New Year’s resolution statistics on Goal Setting, Why we need to set goals.

Day 3:   Specificity.  And, why it’s important to be precise in the goals you set.

Day 4:   Motivation.   How to Motivate Yourself.

Day 5:   Change.  Deciding to Change.

Day 6:   Procrastination.  What is it that makes some procrastinate?

Day 7:   Everyone Wins At the Basics.  Life by Design.

Congratulations on joining me until Day-7 of the Goal Setting Challenge!

My only hope is that in your completing the Goal Setting Forms daily inspired you to take action on the projects you are most passionate about and you made some significant progress towards them by Day 7.   Kudos!

This was { My } overall goal for the challenge.

The goal was for the community to define a short-term goal, add specificity to it, and implement your goal with action steps applied to it daily, then commit to continually monitor these goals going forward.

Going forward, you’ll need to continually take action when needed, identify obstacles as they come and make corrections/revisions as needed.

Stay the course.

Incremental successes made is a positive direction forward.

To be effective and fulfilled we must foster and nurture the future.  Actively.

The 7-Day Challenge on Goal Setting has come to a quick end and I trust you made the most of the exercise presented by completing your daily Goal Setting Form, reading daily articles posted, and contributing to the comments section to gain feedback, community support, ask for brainstorming help on the goals you were willing to post to gain support.

I encourage you to continue with the Goal Setting Form.

“On ward and forward” is the only way!

I plan to have another Challenge Series so if you enjoyed this one on Goal Setting, follow this blog so you never miss a post, and stay tuned for the next one.


Leave a comment below to let me know what you learned.

Thank you for following the Challenge.


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Instructions:        How to Complete the 7-Day Challenge Goal Setting Form

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