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Whatever you are interested in, go for it.  Consider an overall plan to obtain it.  Do not over analyze how to tackle the highest hurdle first, but consider what must be done first to get your plan off the ground.

You may be familiar with the analogy, “There is always more than one way to scale the mountain” or some variation of this.  Its meaning applies here.  Some life pursuits and activities that people pursue because they believe it will bring them joy are sometimes viewed as insurmountable so the person never starts.  But, there is always more than one way to get what you want in life no matter how complicated it may appear at the moment.

For example, let’s say Camille desires more than anything is to become a pilot.  She could hyper focus on not owning an aircraft, no financing available to hire a trainer to obtain flight hours to quality for a Private Pilot’s License, or even the time to devote to her new passion because she has such a hectic schedule as it is.

Camille wants to be happy doing what she loves.

Not tolling away at a job just to make ends meet.


Her focus instead, may serve her best, if she starts  slowly by obtaining what is available and achievable first.  Not hyper focused on what is out of reach in the short-term.




How much does it cost to purchase the books they use in an actual Private Pilot Training course?

How much does it cost to have flight simulator training verses hiring an in-flight trainer?

How much does it cost to purchase flight training software simulator for the computer?

How much does it cost to check out a library book on Private Pilot Training?   Library books are free to rent.

Is there a local flight school in need of a volunteer?   Do they have any out-dated Private Pilot Training manuals to loan?

Are you aware of any agencies that train people for free?  [With some commitment]  The Air Force just to name one if you’re willing to join the military.


Then, while you are addressing the lower cost items, continue to brainstorm and save for the more difficult items on your wish list.

Money, whether you have too much, or not enough, should not be viewed as a barrier to accomplishing what you desire most, or some variation of it.   Having more money does not equal more happiness.  Activities that make people happy in small doses – such as shopping, good food and making money – do not lead to fulfillment in the long term, indicating that these have quickly diminishing returns (Myers, 2000; Ryan & Deci, 2000).

Turns out humans are not very good at gauging what will make them happy.  For years, researchers have operated under the premise we will be miserable if we don’t get what we want in life and this simply is not true according to Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, PhD., Psychologist and founder of Positive Psychology.

Most likely Camille will be just as happy if she obtains her Private Pilot’s License or not.  Her pursuit to achieve it will have lasting positive results on her levels of fulfillment felt.  Sense of accomplishment and the joy she experiences while pursuing her dream.

I love brainstorming and being creative with the projects I pursue.  My recent personal dilemma was to develop creative marketing for the upcoming Seminar, The Science of Happiness.  I wanted advertising, but ultimately I discovered a clever marketing video for $5.00  on   Fiverr .


Apparently, some dreams’ cost vary depending on level of effort one is willing to put forth to obtain them, not money spent.

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Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD –    Psychologist with one simple goal of making concepts of psychology accessible.

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