Psychological Précipice

The Psychological Pursuit To Find The Best In You


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Psychological Precipice See Inside The Book By Dr. Lawana Rene Lofton, PsyD



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Psychological Precipice By Dr. Lawana Rene Lofton PsyD


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Dr. Lawana R. Lofton, PsyD





Latest Book  poses the question……..

What is psychological normalcy?

It is a common expression we all take liberties with.  Its definition remains veiled in modern society, which tends to focus on psychiatric illnesses.  Many consider themselves well adjusted until they discuss how they navigate their interpersonal relationships. Sustaining mature relationships often appears gravely dysfunctional.   Clearly, “normalcy” warrants further investigation and discussion.

Psychological Précipice: The Psychological Pursuit To Find The Best In You explores disciplines of psychology and philosophy, presenting in rich detail what constitutes “normal.”   This examination of the foundations of psychology, will help individuals, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists discover empowering skills that will lead to change for those who seek help.

Dr. Lofton’s Psychological Précipice is an accumulation of professional knowledge in the field of clinical psychology. Through detailed discussions of qualities such as growth, change, intimacy, happiness, and even regret, Dr. Lofton explores how human nature contributes to – and limits – an individual’s innate ability to live an extraordinary life.


3  Key Concepts

1.  Everyone considers themselves normal until they begin to discuss how they navigate their relationships.

2.  The quality of our relationships is important to overall Mental Health.

3.  Our Intimate Relationships are our last true opportunity to become mature, differentiated, healthy and well balanced adults, capable of relinquishing selfish needs for the benefit of something of greater value.


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